My Daily Skincare Routine: Anna

Ever wonder what the skincare routine of the professionals looks like? We promise it’s not as complicated as you might think!

We asked our lovely aesthetician Anna to share her daily skincare routine with us. From products she uses to her favorite skincare tips & tricks to treat dry skin and fight off aging skin, here’s what Anna does to keep her skin healthy and hydrated:

I have dry skin, typical for people living in Colorado, so my biggest challenge is staying hydrated and moisturized, especially as I get older. My daily regimen includes not only putting things topically on my skin, but also ingesting nutrients.


In the morning, I spritz my face with moisture mist and massage my face to reactivate the moisturizer from the night before and help spread around any oils produced overnight, then I put on a serum–lately I’ve been loving the ACE serum with vitamins A, C, and E–and finish with tinted sunscreen and a swipe on my lash line with the ageless lash and brow serum to keep my lashes healthy.

Each morning, I also make a hot lemon water with gelatin and I take vitamin c (very important for our skin), lutein for eyes and skin, vitamin e, and other things to help keep me healthy…but those are the main ones for skin strength and vibrancy.

The Vital C ACE Serum is super anti-aging and hydrating. Plus, it can be used to boost any of the IMAGE products for extra nutrition & moisture.

I don’t wear makeup, but I love the sheer tint of this sunscreen. It’s flattering on a wide variety of skin tones and helps camouflage skin imperfections without the look of heavy makeup.

I like to take care of my lashes so that they look full and healthy naturally. The Ageless Lashes is basically a lash serum, stimulating and strengthening the hair follicles for strong lashes.

hot lemon water in the mornings helps rejuvenate my skin and detox the body.


I wash my face at night every other day with an active exfoliating cleanser, my favorite is the MD cleanser. I don’t want to over cleanse due to my dryness, and I don’t wear makeup so I can get away with not cleansing every night. I rotate the products I use, but to moisturize, I will use a heavier cream like the Vital C or Max creams, or a nourishing oil (the same one we use at Barris for the facial massages) which I blend myself with sunflower, argan, and jojoba oils and vitamin e.

I also use an eye cream not only around my eyes, but also on my forehead and between my brows and around my lips. I really massage it in for about 30 seconds, manipulating the skin to get the circulation going and to help soften the movement lines I have. Eye creams have concentrated nutrients, so I like to use it on these areas of concern.

The MD Reconstructive Facial Cleanser has both glycolic acid and salicylic acid, which is perfect for getting rid of dry, flaky skin.

The MAX creme is great for smoothing wrinkle formation and supporting collagen regeneration.

The Vital C Total Repair Creme contains an ultra hydrating Vitamin C and anti-oxidant rich emollient formula that repairs aging skin while promoting healthy cell renewal.


Each month I do a more significant treatment, rotating what I do each month. I like facials for the extractions, face massage for circulation, and a deeper exfoliation; or a peel–my favorite is the perfection lift which gives my skin a healthy glow, then I’ll do a microderm a week later to work off the remaining dry skin; I do microneedling about 3-4 times a year, and IPL twice a year. All of these things keep my skin exercised and in good shape. And with all of these treatments, I always do my neck and chest as those tend to show our age and get ignored!

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